About our Ice cream

Why our Ice Cream is so Creamy......

Frost Bite has 46 Flavours with 90% made in-store from pure jersey milk, the higher fat content adds to the creaminess and the texture of the product which takes us to the next level. The key is making a good base and that’s where the Jersey milk excels, our base is the Jersey milk everything else follows from there and you work on it to get the right consistency and texture. The milk is sourced from a Jersey farmer in nearby Nullawarre  we do a regular run and collect 200 litres each time, we can only produce a certain amount of the base at a time so it’s a continual process. You have to age the base for a minimum of 24 hours but no more than three days, which is its premium time. The base is created in a pasteuriser that heats the milk from about 3-4 degrees to 87-88 degrees within a very short period of time. This creates a plain base which is stored and then supplemented by ingredients and flavours. It is then mixed and frozen of batches in eight litre lots, our range is supplemented by some sorbet and vegan varieties. 

Customers always ask what makes our ice cream so good, to which we simply replies…Jersey milk.


Just a few of our delicious flavours

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